Rasheid Edwards

A dynamic and innovative speaker

Rasheid Edwards is a dynamic and innovative speaker whose subject matter is an interesting blend of information, wit and humor. With topics ranging from personal success, change leadership and performance, he is sure to be able to deliver an impactful message to meet the needs of your audience or organization.

In fact, whether they be sports, youth or student organizations, Rasheid’s interesting brand of inside out speaking will keep the audience engaged, cause them to think and motivate them to take action.

Rasheid understands that the challenges plaguing the average individual aren’t their circumstances, but their perception and thinking related to their circumstances. So he engages the audience in experiences that challenge their views.


Rasheid Edwards provides professional coaching services through his company, Mental Infinity, LLC. Rasheid is also the author of The Secret Commitment: 7 Keys for Goal Achievement and Transformation

Rasheid has more than fifteen years of community service and personal development experience ranging from adult literacy programs and business idea innovation development to youth academics, sports and juvenile justice mentorships (Lorenzo Benn Youth Detention Center).  With a BA in Psychology and over 7 years experience in behavioral and success achievement technologies provided through services such as speaking, coaching and hypnosis, Rasheid has systems and results that prove anyone can become the change and or success they desire. His specialties include but are not limited to: Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Quantum Touch and numerous other modes of personal, mental-fitness.

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A dynamic writer whose writing creative is as powerful and engaging as his public persona, ‘Coach’ as he is affectionately called, has really tapped the heart of what people need in his book, The Secret Commitment.

The practical, yet time tested wisdom distilled in this book will teach:

  • What gurus don’t want you to know
  • Why this information has been a secret
  • How to gain access to the secrets
  • Where the resources are found
  • The 7 key concepts to achievement
  • Steps to begin personal transformation
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