Rasheid Edwards is a dynamic and innovative speaker whose subject matter is an interesting blend of information, wit and humor. With topics ranging from personal success, change leadership and performance, he is sure to be able to deliver an impactful message to meet the needs of your audience or organization.

In fact, whether they be sports, youth or student organizations, Rasheid’s interesting brand of inside out speaking will keep the audience engaged, cause them to think and motivate them to take action.

Rasheid understands that the challenges plaguing the average individual aren’t their circumstances, but their perception and thinking related to their circumstances. So he engages the audience in experiences that challenge their views.

Suggested Speaking Topics


  • Get Into the Zone
  • Intelligence….The New Swagger
  • You Can’t Score if You Don’t Shoot
  • 212 Degrees of Top Performance


  • Mess to Masterpiece: 5 Skills that transform the mess of your mind into the masterpiece of your life
  • The Unknown: What is Your X Factor?
  • Change Your Mind-Change Your Life


  • The Unknown: What is Your X Factor
  • Purpose Driven Leadership
  • 212 Degrees of Top Performance


  • Law of Attraction
  • Mental Infinity
  • Hypnotherapy and it’s Uses
  • Change Your Mind-Change Your Life

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