The late Booker T. Washington is noted for having stated, “Success always leaves footprints.” Why, then, are so many people unsuccessful at achieving their goals and dreams?

If you feel you are in your season but don’t quite understand what to do next. If you’re in search of your personal greatness and dreams, then this is the book for you.
the secret commitment
The practical, yet time tested wisdom distilled in this book will teach:

* What gurus don’t want you to know
* Why this information has been a secret
* How to gain access to the secrets
* Where the resources are found
* The 7 key concepts to achievement
* Steps to begin personal transformation

A dynamic writer whose writing creative is as powerful and engaging as his public persona, ‘Coach’ as he is affectionately called, has really tapped the heart of what people need in his book, The Secret Commitment.

Rasheid believes that now is the time for you to achieve your dreams, the question is, “Are you ready?”